BYU Graduate Seminars - Winter 2021

Graduate Seminar Schedule

Topic Date Time Presenter Host
No seminar (qualifier exam) Thu, Jan 14 11 AM
Graduate Student Recognition on Thu, Jan 21 11 AM Prof. Rappleye, BYU DSR
3 Minute Thesis Competition Thu, Jan 28 11 AM Graduate Students DRT
The Future of Nuclear Energy Thu, Feb 4 11 AM Prof. Matt Memmott, BYU and Prof. Troy Munro, BYU DRT
Perspectives on the Role of Electrochemistry in the Energy Sector Thu, Feb 11 11 AM Dr. Perry Motsegood, TerraPower DSR
Panel Discussion: What comes after grad school? Thu, Feb 18 11 AM Dr. Amin Salehi (2017), Dr. Mark Jensen (2015), Dr. Joseph Hogge (2017), Silvia Lopez (2018), Dr. Mahmood Ramati (2019) GSC
BYU/UofU Joint Seminar: Dynamics of wetting transition in complex systems Thu, Feb 25 11 AM Prof. Dongjin Seo, BYU DRT
Title: TBA Thu, Mar 4 11 AM Prof. Michael Hoepfner, Univ. of Utah DRT
Izatt-Christensen Faculty Excellence in Research Award Lecture Tue, Mar 09 4 PM Prof. Daniel Austin, BYU BYU Chemistry
Title: TBA Thu, Mar 11 11 AM Dr. Paolo Ferroni, Westinghouse MJM
No Seminar Thu, Mar 18 11 AM
Chemical Engineering Safety Thu, Mar 25 11 AM TBA ARF
Hot, Toxic, and Flammable – Development and Commercialization of Hot Oxygen Syngas Generation and Reforming Thu, Apr 1 11 AM Dr. Bradley Damstedt, Linde ARF
Title: TBA
BYU/UofU Joint Seminar
Mon, Apr 5 3 PM Prof. Kody Powell, University of Utah

Graduate seminars are held every week on Thursday at 11 AM Mountain Time. Currently seminar is held online (Zoom Link), but will return to 325 EB (Engineering Building) pending the relaxation of COVID restrictions. Seminars consist of industrial and academic research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. Seminar speakers typically include professors, graduate students, industrial collaborators, and other guests.

Graduate Students: Attendance at seminars is required, but you are allowed to miss two per semester. Please register your attendance on Learning Suite.

Speakers: Please plan to end at 11:40 to allow at least 10 minutes for questions and discussion.