BYU Graduate Seminars - Fall 2013

Graduate Seminar Schedule

Graduate seminars are held every week on Thursday at 4 PM Mountain Time. Seminars consist of industrial topics and academic research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. The seminar speakers include professors, graduate students, industrial collaborators, and other guests. A schedule of the seminars is provided below.

Presenter Date Time Topic Host
Richard Messerly
Nima Momtahan
Jon Gallacher
Sept 5, 2013 4 PM MDT Graduate Research Update
Bruce Tatarchuk, Auburn Sept 12, 2013 4 PM MDT Microfiber Encapsulated Catalysts WCH
John Warren Sept 19, 2013 3 PM MDT
214 CTB
Leadership Lecture Series
Learning While Leading
Derek Bush
Mostafa Safdarnejad
Jacob Williams
Carl Wu
Sept 19, 2013 4 PM MDT Graduate Research Update
Rex Tillerson, CEO ExxonMobil Sept 26, 2013 2 PM MDT
214 CTB
Ethical Leadership
Mark Darby
Doug Nicholson
Judson Wooters
Richard Hughes
Oct 3, 2013 9 AM MDT New Challenges and Opportunities in Olefins Production JDH
Opening Social Oct 3, 2013 4 PM MDT Graduate Student BBQ at Rock Canyon Park
Daniel Crowl, MTU Oct 10, 2013 4 PM MDT Process Safety VWW
Mary Peery Oct 17, 2013 3 PM MDT
214 CTB
Leadership Lecture Series
The Importance and Challenges of Ethical Leadership
Anca Segall Oct 17, 2013 4 PM MDT
Cytotoxic effects of a Holliday junction-binding peptide in tumor cells CPMS
John Hedengren Oct 24, 2013 4 PM MDT How to deliver the first minute of a speech
Come prepared to practice for your next conference talk, seminar, or elevator speech about your research
Wesley Cole Oct 31, 2013 4 PM MDT Improved Grid Management through Predictive Residential Air Conditioning Control
David Brower, Astro Technology Nov 7, 2013 4 PM MST Advanced Deep Water Monitoring Systems JDH
Sam St. Clair Nov 14, 2013 4 PM MST Ecosystem Engineering: Fire in Aspen-Conifer Forests
Joseph Grenny Nov 21, 2013 3 PM MST
214 CTB
Leadership Lecture Series
Crucial Conversations for Leader Success
Geoffrey Silcox Nov 21, 2013 4 PM MST PM 2.5 and inversions in Utah
Sally Mackenzie Nov 21, 2013 4 PM MST
Organellar influences on epigenetic and developmental behavior in plants CPMS
Utah Air Quality Panel Nov 21, 2013 7 PM MST Listen to the Panel Discussion at the Wall of the Wilkinson Center
Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 28, 2013 ---
Matthew Memmott Dec 5, 2013 4 PM MST Innovations and Advances in Nuclear Technology JDH
Phillip Smith Dec 12, 2013 4 PM MST Applied Combustion Predictions
Institute for Clean and Secure Energy

Speakers should plan to end at 4:40 to allow at least 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Students may make up seminars by attending seminars by watching recorded sessions online or attending other relevant seminars at BYU. The Mechanical Engineering department holds seminars on Monday at 4 PM in 381 CB. Below is a link to the current schedule of seminar speakers.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar

Another opportunity is the Modeling and Optimization Symposium that is conducted via Webinar on most Tuesdays (typically 9 AM). Some of the sessions are cross-listed with the graduate seminar while others are hosted from remote locations.

Modeling and Optimization Symposium

Many of these lectures will also be of interest to chemical engineering students and faculty. The events are cross-listed to raise awareness of the opportunity to attend these lectures as well as the chemical engineering graduate seminar.