BYU Graduate Seminars - Fall 2014

Graduate Seminar Schedule

Graduate seminars are held every week on Thursday at 4 PM Mountain Time. Seminars consist of industrial topics and academic research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. The seminar speakers include professors, graduate students, industrial collaborators, and other guests. A schedule of the seminars is provided below. Certain speakers are coming to BYU specifically for a graduate seminar. Those required seminars have a star () listed next to the speaker name.

Presenter Date Time Topic Host
John Hedengren 4 Sept 4 PM Graduate Seminar Introduction
No Seminar 11 Sept 4 PM
Ali Cinar 16 Sept 9 AM Control of Artificial Pancreas Systems (Webinar) Illinois Institute of Technology
Dane Parker, Dell 18 Sept 3 PM College Leadership Lecture
Ashley Haase 18 Sept 4 PM
HIV Reservoirs and the Quest for Better Treatment and Cure
Member of the National Academy of Sciences and The Institute of Medicine
Opening Social 18 Sept 5:30 PM MDT Graduate Student BBQ at Rock Canyon Park
Career Fair 25 Sept --- No Graduate Seminar
Tom Gilbert 2 Oct 11 AM
256 CB
VP of Research at Acell ADC
No Seminar 9 Oct 4 PM
Pieter Schmal 14 Oct 9 AM Dynamic Modeling and Optimization Advances with gPROMS (Webinar) PSE
Larry Baxter 15 Oct 12 PM CCUS Pathways to Synergistic Fossil and Renewable Energy In-frastructure (Webinar) AIChE (Requires Pre-registration)
No Seminar 16 Oct
Tien Duong 23 Oct 4 PM US DOE DRW
Nosang Myung  30 Oct 4 PM UC Riverside
College Lecture 6 Nov 3 PM
140 JSB
Farhad Fazlollahi
Joe Hogge
Troy Holland
6 Nov 4 PM Graduate Research Update
Marc Killpack 13 Nov 4 PM Operating Robots in Cluttered Environments Using Model Predictive Control JDH
No Seminar 20 Nov 4 PM JDH
Thanksgiving Holiday 27 Nov 4 PM
Ray Smith 2 Dec 9 AM GREENSCOPE – A Comprehensive and Systematic Sustainability Evaluation Tool for Chemical Processes (Webinar) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Charles Doering
University of Michigan
2 Dec 4 PM
135 TMCB
Convection, Stability, and Turbulence BYU Math
Ammon Eaton
Amin Salehi
Nafiseh Poorhejad
4 Dec 4 PM Graduate Research Update
John Salmon 11 Dec 4 PM JDH

There is a safety minute at the beginning of each period. Students are encouraged to select a topic from on-the-job or off-the-job activities. There are online materials to assist in preparation for the safety minute discussion.

Speakers should plan to end at 4:40 to allow at least 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Students may make up seminars by attending seminars by watching recorded sessions online or attending other relevant seminars at BYU. The Mechanical Engineering department holds seminars on Monday at 4 PM in 381 CB. Below is a link to the current schedule of seminar speakers.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar

Another opportunity is the Modeling and Optimization Symposium that is conducted via Webinar on most Tuesdays (typically 9 AM). Some of the sessions are cross-listed with the graduate seminar while others are hosted from remote locations.

Modeling and Optimization Symposium

Many of these lectures will also be of interest to chemical engineering students and faculty. The events are cross-listed to raise awareness of the opportunity to attend these lectures as well as the chemical engineering graduate seminar.
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