BYU Graduate Seminars - Winter 2013

Graduate Seminar Schedule

Graduate seminars are held every week on Thursday at 4 PM Mountain Time. Seminars consist of industrial topics and academic research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. The seminar speakers include professors, graduate students, industrial collaborators, and other guests. A schedule of the seminars is provided below.

Presenter Date Time Topic Host
Alan Kerstein, Sandia NL Jan 10, 2013 4 PM Combustion Modeling LLB/DOL
Byron Johnson Jan 17, 2013 4 PM Industrial Innovation at Phillips 66 WCH
Doug Nevers
Abinash Paudel
Reza Asgharzadeh
Will Schaffers
McKay Rytting
Jan 17, 2013 4 PM Graduate Student Research ---
John Cunningham, Invensys Jan 31, 2013 4 PM Process Modeling in the 21st Century energy environment WCH/WVW
Robert Langer, MIT Feb 6, 2013 (Wed) 4 PM
Izatt-Christensen Lectureship ADC/JDH
Robert Langer, MIT Feb 7, 2013 11 AM
Langer Technical Lecture ADC/JDH
Cultural Culinary Conclave Feb 14, 2013 4 PM --- ---
Bryan Jenkins, UC Davis Feb 21, 2013 4 PM Bioenergy LLB
Richard Boardman, INL Feb 28, 2013 4 PM Static Hybrid Energy Studies LLB
Dr. Carl Black, UVRMC Mar 7, 2013 4 PM Update in Image-Guided Therapies WCH
Michael Janik, Penn State Mar 14, 2013 4 PM Density functional theory approaches to electrocatalysis: fuel cell and electrolysis applications DRW
Hongfei Lin, Univ of Nevada-Reno Mar 21, 2013 4 PM Connecting lignocellulosic biomass with advanced biofuels with catalytic aqueous phase partial oxidation WGP
Josh Price, BYU Chemistry Mar 28, 2013 4 PM Investigation of cellular behavior using Proteomics BCB
John (Phil) Colton, US State Dept, emeritus Apr 4, 2013 4 PM The Atom, its Benefit and Challenges ---
Jim Workman, BYU Safety Director Apr 11, 2013 4 PM The Many Hats of a Chemical Engineer ---