BYU Graduate Seminar Prior Speakers

Speaker Affiliation Topic
Steven L. Baxter Sasol N. America Alkoxide-Derived Aluminum Oxides - Versatile Supports for Catalyst Development
Leonard F. Pease University of Utah Rapid Characterization Bionanomaterials
Roger L. McCarty BYU How did I get There when I started Here: Victimless Career
Markus Covert Stanford Dissecting NF-kappaB Control: A Systems Biology Approach
Miland Deo University of Utah Carbon Dioxide Sequestration: Technology Overview and Research
Mark Borden Columbia Microbubble Design for Evaluating Cancer Chemotherapy
Morris D. Argyle BYU Water Gas Shift
Kyle Brunner BYU A New Iron Fischer Tropsch Catalyst Preparation
Randy Shurtz BYU Pressurized Coal Pyrolysis and CO2 Gasification at High Initial Heating Rates
Nosang Myung UC Riverside Synthesis of Nanotubes for Electrochemical applications
Ron Hanson Stanford Tunable Diode Laser Sensing In Harsh Environments
Brian Woodfield BYU Chemistry A new approach for the production of oxide nano-particles and catalyst supports
Reed M. Izatt BYU emeritus Cooperative Research Programs between Chemistry and Chem Engin 1957-2008
Clint Guymon Safety Management Systems
Terry Ring University of Utah
Keith Roper University of Arkansas
Neil Giles BYU
Richard Zare Stanford University
Lon Cook Semprus Biosciences
Nathaniel Fredine Biomerics
Jeff Renfro Honeywell
Paul Desjardin University at Buffalo (N.Y)
Lenore Dai Arizona State University
Richard Hess Idaho National Laboratory
Karl Meredith FM Global
Merrill Beckstead BYU Experiences living in Israel
David Allred BYU Physics Carbon nanotubes for MEMS
Ben Markham ExxonMobil Global energy
Henry Kohlbrand Dow & AIChE President Sustainability and innovation
Tom Smith BYU Plant & Wildlife Sciences Bears
Paul Crozier Sandia National Lab Molecular simulations
Alonzo Cook Johnson & Johnson Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Tyler Johannes U Tulsa
Michael Shirts U Va Biomolecular simulations
Karl Johnson U Pitt Molecular simulations
Allan Guymon U Iowa Polymers
Jeff Lindsay InnovationEdge
Ephraim Washburn US Navy Propellant modeling
John Hedengren ExxonMobil Process control