BYU Graduate Seminars - Winter 2019

Graduate Seminar Schedule

Topic Date Time Presenter Host
No seminar 10 Jan 4 PM
How to successfully find a job 17 Jan 4 PM Prof. Brad Bundy JNH
Ionic liquids at charged surfaces and inside nanopores: Insight from molecular simulations 24 Jan 4 PM Professor Dmitry Bedrov, Department of Materials Science, University of Utah SDN
Combustion Modeling 31 Jan 4 PM Prof. Robert W. Dibble, Mechanical Engineering, U.C. Berkeley DOL
3 Minute Thesis Competition 7 Feb 4 PM Graduate Students JNH
Nuclear Engineering 14 Feb 4 PM Prof. Per Peterson, UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering and Kairos Power MJM
Process Research and Process Development: A case study in Industrial R&D 21 Feb 4 PM Dr. Gregory James, Afton Chemical Corporation DJS
Izatt-Christensen Lecture- Public 26 Feb 4 PM Prof. Geraldine L. Richmond, University of Oregon JDH
Izatt-Christensen Lecture 27 Feb 4 PM Prof. Geraldine L. Richmond, University of Oregon JDH
Inorganic Membranes for Energy and Environmental Systems 7 Mar 4 PM Prof. Seok-Jhin Kim, Oklahoma State University JNH
Graduate Student Presentations (to be recorded) 14 Mar 4 PM WGP
USTAR: Technology development and commercialization 21 Mar 4 PM Dr. Andrew Sweeney AF
Is There a High-tech Future for Coal Use? 28 Mar 4 PM Dr. Eric Eddings, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, University of Utah THF
Conflict-free Microprocessor Materials 4 Apr 4 PM Dr. Carolyn Duran, Intel JNH
Chemistry, biology, immunology, and evolution with viruses 11 Apr 4 PM M.G. Finn, Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Tech BCB

Graduate seminars are held every week on Thursday at 4 PM Mountain Time. Seminars consist of industrial topics and academic research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. The seminar speakers include professors, graduate students, industrial collaborators, and other guests. Attendance at all seminars is required. Please register your attendance on this google form. Speakers should plan to end at 4:40 to allow at least 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Students may make up seminars by attending other relevant seminars at BYU or by watching appropriate seminars online (online must be approved by instructor).
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