BYU Graduate Seminars - Winter 2016

Graduate Seminar Schedule

Graduate seminars are held every week on Thursday at 4 PM Mountain Time. Seminars consist of industrial topics and academic research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. The seminar speakers include professors, graduate students, industrial collaborators, and other guests. A schedule of the seminars is provided below. Attendance at all seminars is required.

Presenter Date Time Topic Host
Paul Brooker, Florida Solar Energy Center 7 Jan 4 PM Improved Fuel Cell Performance through Catalyst Layer Design and Increased Membrane Durability LLB
Kristin Hecht, BASF 14 Jan 4 PM The Impact of Gas Holdup on the Performance of Industrial Bubble Columns MDA
Taylor Harvey, Lucelo Technologies 21 Jan 4 PM Ubiquitous Solar: Printed Photovoltaics from Nanocrystal Inks JDH
Nigel Reuel, DuPont 28 Jan 4 PM Measuring Proteins: Contact-free and label-free biosensors for antibody quality and hydrolytic enzyme activity LLB
Stella Nickerson, Arizona State University 4 Feb 4 PM Ionic Liquid-Water Systems: Applications in Separations, Self-Assembly and Sensing MDA
Graduate Students 11 Feb 4 PM 3-minute Thesis Competition JNH
Michael Gollner, University of Maryland 18 Feb 4 PM Understanding the Mechanisms of Flame Spread: From Bench-Scale Experiments to Field-Scale Wildfires THF
Andrew Fry, University of Utah 25 Feb 4 PM Electric Power Generation in the United States in a Carbon Constrained World JDH
Kirk Sorenson, FLIBE energy 3 Mar 4 PM Nuclear Engineering MJM
Shelley Minteer, University of Utah 10 Mar 4 PM Enzymatic Bioelectrocatalysis for Energy Conversion JNH
Abhaya Datye, University of New Mexico 17 Mar 4 PM Trapping precious metals on Ceria: Role of Surface Facets RSL
Tamara Kinzer-Ursem, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering 24 Mar 4 PM Biochemical tools development for precise description of protein function BCB
William Hecker, BYU 31 Mar 4 PM Catalyzing the Journey (Last Lecture) RSL
Matthew Bernards, University of Missouri 7 Apr 4 PM Pursuing Polyampholyte Polymers as a Universal Biomaterial Platform WGP

Speakers should plan to end at 4:40 to allow at least 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

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