BYU Graduate Seminars - Fall 2017

Graduate Seminar Schedule

Topic Date Time Presenter Host
Solubilization of integral membrane proteins with high levels of expression​ (SIMPLEx) and its applications 7 Sept 4 PM Dario Mizrachi, BYU LC
Energy Topic 14 Sept 4 PM Klas Andersson, Chalmers University AF
Career Fair
3-Minute Research Presentations
21 Sept 4 PM
Opening Social at Rock Canyon Park 28 Sept 4 PM 2nd Year Graduate Students
College Leadership Lecture, Tom Ingersoll 5 Oct 11 AM Honored Alum Speaker
Measuring Soot Properties in High Pressure Flames 9 Oct 4 PM
256 CB
William Roberts, KAUST
Optimization of Energy Systems: Models, Data, and Computing 12 Oct 4 PM Victor Zavala, UWisc JDH
Izatt Christensen General Lecture 19 Oct
JSB 140
11 AM Lynn Orr, Stanford University LLB
Izatt Christensen Technical Lecture 20 Oct
Varsity Theatre
11 AM Lynn Orr, Stanford University LLB
Izatt Christensen Faculty Excellence Award in Chemical Engineering 26 Oct
4 PM Bill Pitt
No Seminar 2 Nov 4 PM AIChE Annual Meeting (Oct 29-Nov 3)
College Leadership Lecture 9 Nov 11 AM Doug & Nancy Ferrell
How Combustion Became a Success Story for Swedish Waste Management 9 Nov 4 PM Frida Jones, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) NSH
Achilles Heels Characterizing Cyber-Physical System Vulnerabilities 16 Nov 4 PM Sean Warnick JDH
No Seminar 23 Nov 4 PM Thanksgiving Holiday
Energy Systems Modeling and Optimization 30 Nov 4 PM Kody Powell, University of Utah JDH
Protein Engineering to Fight Fungal Disease 7 Dec 4 PM Amy Karlsson, University of Maryland BCB
Close-Packed Structures of Elastic Spheres 14 Dec 4 PM Sangwoo Lee, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) DRT

Graduate seminars are held every week on Thursday at 4 PM Mountain Time. Seminars consist of industrial topics and academic research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. The seminar speakers include professors, graduate students, industrial collaborators, and other guests. Attendance at all seminars (except the opening social) is required. Graduate students should record attendance and ask a question or make an observation. Speakers should plan to end at 4:40 to allow at least 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Students may make up seminars by attending seminars by watching recorded sessions online or attending other relevant seminars at BYU. The Mechanical Engineering department holds seminars on Monday at 4 PM in 381 CB. Below is a link to the current schedule of seminar speakers.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar

Another opportunity is the Modeling and Optimization Symposium that is conducted via Webinar on most Tuesdays (typically 9 AM). Some of the sessions are cross-listed with the graduate seminar while others are hosted from remote locations.

Modeling and Optimization Symposium

Many of these lectures will also be of interest to chemical engineering students and faculty. The events are cross-listed to raise awareness of the opportunity to attend these lectures as well as the chemical engineering graduate seminar.
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