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!!!! Publications

Coming soon...
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!! David Alan Grigsby II

!!!! Contact Information

* Email: david.grigsbyii@gmail.com
* LinkedIn

!!!! Education

* Brigham Young University, Projected Graduation: April 2012
** B.S. in Chemical Engineering - GPA: 3.68/4.00
** Elective Courses: Nuclear Engineering, Java Programming, Energy Engineering

!!!! Research Interests

* Virus and Biological Modeling
** Interfaced to large-scale mathematical models to study effects and optimize treatment of HIV, cancer, and other diseases
** Collaborated with an international user group to build an extension to a biological model library (SBML)

!!!! Publications

Coming soon...

!!!! Experience

* Lab Supervisor, BYU Risk Management and Safety, Sept. 2008-Current
** Improved lab safety by creating MS Access database to inspect, report, and trend over 200 labs, 400 fume hoods, and 400 eyewash/shower stations
** Performed Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrum analysis on unknown chemicals to determine waste stream
** Organized tasks for team of 4 to complete and report on all inspections semiannually

* Industrial Hygiene Intern, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, June 2011-Aug. 2011
** Enabled non-internet facility to search 16000+ MSDS instantly with MS Access database
** Ensured safety of personnel by verifying Gas Hazard Analyses

* Office Secretary, Alpine Metals, Feb. 2005-Dec. 2005
** Managed payroll for 8 employees, accounts receivable, and balanced company accounts
** Worked with customers by writing proposals, invoices, and billing completed jobs

* Missionary, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, May 2006-May 2008
** Santa Maria, Brazil Mission; Fluent in Portuguese
** Served 12 months in leadership positions, leading as many as 10 missionaries

!!!! Interests and Awards

* Basic fluency in AutoCad, Java, VBA, and SQL
* Eagle Scout Award 2003
* Youth Soccer Referee, United Way, May 2009-June 2009
** Worked with Hispanic community refereeing for 10 teams