IEEE CSS Committee on Control Education

The IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Control Education promotes public awareness, university education, and continuing education related to control. It enhances the theory and practice of control systems education and improves accessibility through resource sharing. The committee emphasizes the importance of laboratory experiments, computer-aided learning, and the use of distance and virtual education technologies in control education. The committee aims to raise general awareness among pre-college students and teachers about the significance of systems and control technology, highlighting the cross-disciplinary nature. Visit the website of the IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Control Education.

Technical Committee Scope

  • University education and continuing education issues in control
  • Methodology for improving the theory, practice and accessibility of control systems education
  • Control education laboratories, experiments, computer aided design, distance and virtual education technologies
  • General awareness among pre-college students and teachers of the importance of systems and control technology and its cross-disciplinary nature

Technical Committee Tasks

  • Promote control with its cross-boundary nature as a field that spans science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
  • Provide students at all levels, including pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate, the opportunity to explore the world of control engineering
  • Organize workshops and special sessions on education bringing academia and industry together to facilitate learning experiences to attract students to control engineering
  • Communicate to the public at large the control field
  • Engage all technical committees in control education issues and activities
  • Organize semiannual meetings of the committee and use them as a platform to promote the control field

Technical Committee Members

Request to join Technical Committee by filling out application form. Indicate initiatives to lead, advise, or otherwise contribute. With the recent change in leadership, some long-standing contributors to this committee may be inadvertently missed. We value your contributions and look forward to working together.


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