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Jeff is currently an Engineering Fellow for Honeywell Process Solutions and works jointly with the Advanced Process Control (APC) and UniSim simulation development groups. His expertise is in the development and application of equation oriented modeling and optimization technology to the solution of process simulation, optimization, estimation and control problems.




Jeff began his professional career in 1986 at Shell Development Company in the Operations Analysis group. In this group he was responsible for the maintenance and support of the optimization solver engine OPERA used for real-time optimization applications in Shell Oil.

In late 1986, Jeff joined Dynamic Matrix Control Corporation (DMCC), where he was the primary developer of the DMO real-time optimization software system. At DMCC, Jeff also served as a consultant to real-time optimization project teams and customers.

Jeff joined Dynamic Optimization Technology Products (DOT Products) in Oct. 1989 as Vice President Technology. At DOT Products, Jeff was the primary developer for the NOVA Product Suite, a software package containing components for model based simulation, control, estimation and optimization. He also worked closely with ExxonMobil Chemicals to productize NLC, the first commercially available first-principles based nonlinear model predictive control software used in the process industries. He provided support to NLC application projects internally and for ExxonMobil Chemical, including participation in commissioning activities.

In 2003, DOT Products merged with PAS. At PAS Jeff was Chief Engineer and continued to develop and support the NOVA Product Suite. Jeff also led several projects representing the first application of the NLC technology to a particular polymer process. In January 2007, Jeff joined Honeywell as a part of Honeywell’s acquisition of PAS’s Advanced Process Control & Optimization (APCO) division.

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