BYU ChE Graduate Seminar

Graduate Student Seminar

Welcome to the graduate student seminar. This seminar is offered every Fall and Winter semesters and includes technical presentations by graduate students, faculty members, and guests. The objectives of the seminar course are to:

  • Learn from world-class researchers about solutions to contemporary scientific and engineering problems through the application of fundamental principles
  • Identify and communicate to others principles of workplace safety
  • Foster collaboration with other researchers and institutions

Safety Moment

Each graduate seminar begins with a safety presentation. The safety moment includes discussion related to working in research labs or in industry.


 Date: Thursday - 4:00-4:50 pm, Mountain Time
 Location: 325 EB


 John Hedengren
 Office: 330 EB


The course is 0.5 credit hours. The course is cross listed as CH EN 691 (master's candidates) and CH EN 791 (doctoral candidates). It is graded as Pass / Fail. Students are expected to attend all scheduled sessions for a Pass. See posted syllabus for additional information.