ChE263: Introduction to Programming for Engineers
Apply computational tools to solve engineering problems. Includes tutorials in spreadsheet programming, MATLAB, and Python for simulation, optimization, and design.
ChE436: Process Dynamics and Control in Python or MATLAB
Simulate and control the dynamic behavior of process systems with fundamental modeling principles and numerical computation.
ChE593R: Dynamic Optimization
Optimization techniques for dynamic simulation, data reconciliation, moving horizon estimation, and model predictive control. Solutions are in Python and MATLAB.
ME575: Optimization Techniques for Engineers
Apply computer optimization techniques to constrained engineering design. Includes unconstrained and constrained nonlinear algorithms, genetic algorithms, robust design methods, and dynamic systems. Solutions are in MATLAB and Python with an online Design Optimization textbook.
APMonitor Optimization Suite
Solve optimization problems with an integrated modeling language and large-scale solvers (APOPT, BPOPT, and IPOPT) in programming languages such as Julia, MATLAB, and Python. Retrieve source code from GitHub repositories.