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The BYU PRISM group maintains GEKKO, an object-oriented Python library that facilitates model construction, analysis tools, and visualization of simulation and optimization. More information is available at

Research Projects

Increased computational resources and data availability have triggered a new era of machine learning. Data science is motivated by more capable computing infrastructure, yet there is still need for converting algorithms into adisory systems and automation solutions. Advisory system development requires re-tooling of machine learning methods. The BYU PRISM group conducts research in methods and applications of control systems, optimization, and machine learning.

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Work with a graduate student by sponsoring a research project with a fellowship or a sponsored research contract. Research assistants work closely with companies to apply the latest machine learning methods. Many join the sponsoring company upon graduation.

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  • Machine Learning
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  • Large-Scale Optimization
  • Digital Twin Simulation
  • Moving Horizon Estimation
  • Model Predictive Control